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LPG anti cellulite treatment

This IPL Endomology treatment is very effective and provides a risk-free method to reduce cellulite and uneven fat deposits. This 40 minutes process restructures  the connective tissue of the skin, stimulates blood and lymph and facilitates the removal of toxins. At the same time the skin is firmed so that it gets  a smooth surface and the figure appears slimmer. In addition, this technique also promotes relaxation and well-being. For stubborn cellulite, the combination  radiofrequency treatment is performed before the Endermologie session. The total duration with a combined treatment is 60 minutes.

LPG treatment

160.- for 40 minutes – IPL Endomology treatment. Discount on the purchase of 10x treatments (1200.-)

LPG with radio frequency waves

180.- for 60 minutes – radio frequency to firm and soften fat deposits, then followed with IPL Endomology treatment. Discount on the purchase of 3x, 5x or 10x treatments.

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